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Metacafe is a media and video sharingcommunity on the internet. Metacafe users upload and share thousands of new videos every day. Metacafe offers a desktop application, mainly targeted at users who are "video addicts" and download many of the videos every week. The desktop application is capable of downloading high-quality media to the local computer while the computer is idle.

Metacafe features user generated videos, humor videos, Internet videos (memes) and viral ads as well as sports and news-related media. Some of the other features on the site include flash games and sound clips.

Items on Metacafe have an ‘Embeddable Player’, allowing you to play the item directly from your blog/website. This feature works with various forums (MySpace, Blogger, Xanga, Friendster) and any other site which allows posting embedded tags (HTML code).

The five most recently viewed blogs/websites will be displayed underneath the item.

To embed an item in your blog/website, go to the item you wish to embed and go to the “Blog/Embed Player” tab:

The tab will expand:

Either click the “Your Blog Here” link, or check the “Feature my blog/website here.” checkbox:

Fill in your blog’s name and the URL of your personal blog (e.g. Now, copy the content of the “Embeddable code” textbox (click on the textbox -> right-click -> copy) and edit your blog/website. interface is displayed in the example below:

Make sure that you are in HTML entry mode, paste the text and save it.

By clicking the “Show advanced options >>” link, more options will appear:

Note that if you wish to change the advanced options, you must do so before pasting the embeddable code.

If you do not want a link to your blog to be displayed, you can simply copy the embeddable code from the “Embeddable Player” textbox underneath the item:

Examples of Blog That i put Metacafe is about tarantula videos :

Tarantula Eat A White Mouse - Science Educational Porpose - The funniest home videos are here



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